A’PIEU: Pore Deep Clear Gray Mud Mask.


miloon a'pieu gray mud mask blog

Bad skin days happens. Yet, no worries. We found a fast and perfect solution for you.

Milena tested A’Pieu Grey Mud Mask and got blown-up with the effects.

“It is my MUST HAVE for those days when my skin is messed up and I felt I had to share this secret with you.”


A’pieu Pore Deep Clear Gray Mud Mask is a cleansing peel-off mask based on Brazilian clay. It absorbs excess sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells. This mask will leave your skin smooth and clear.

miloon a'pieu gray mud mask blogMAIN INGREDIENTS.

This mask relies on the following ingredients:
– Kaolin (80,000 ppm) – A rich source of micronutrients. Effectively absorbs impurities, sebum and narrows enlarged pores. Recommended for oily and sensitive skin.
– Extract from Eoseongcho – Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, smoothes.
– Extract of dark berries (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, acai berry)- A source of antioxidants. It smoothes and revitalizes the skin.

My skin Type: I have a combination skin (with some sensitive skin characteristics).

Product Texture: The sheet is sticky and flexible. It adheres well to your skin.

Smell: This mask doesn’t smell at all.


miloon a'pieu gray mud mask blog

As this mask is covered with two different  foil protections. Pay attention what part of mask you are actually putting on your face. You should apply on your face the part which is protected by transparent foil.


– It adheres well to face shape.

– It has kind of cooling effect.

– It changes my skin in incredible way.

– It makes my skin smooth and clear.

– It get rids of small pimples on my face ( i don’t know how it is possible! but i love it).

– It calms my skin.


– It gets dry within 30-40 min so you need to have time for this treatment.

– It is a little painfull sometimes to take it off- the feeling is similar to striping off a sticker from your face  (but I believe: no pain no gain).

miloon a'pieu gray mud mask blogCONCLUSIONS.

This mask is for me a game changer. When I have a bad skin days – for example the day before an sporting shooting, due to my period or because of some weird food – it helps to clear and reset my skin within the first use! It leaves my skin incredibly soft and sebum free. It gets rid of small pimples and black heads ( it is not going to remove inflamed big pimples). I am really surprised by the effects.

I recommend this mask to all of you with skin impurities to help when your skin just doesn’t look fresh and clean. It is a HERO mask.