5 Simple Tricks to Maximize the Effects of Cleansing Water.



Cleansing Water, is a skin cleansing product, and is the key to always healthy and beautiful skin. Did you ever use her in your skincare routine? And if you use it, do you really know how to get the most out of it? Today we offer you 5 simple tricks to maximize the effects of Cleansing Water and have a radiant skin like never before. You’re really one step away from perfect skin. 

Cleansing Water: Unique in its genre.

Cleansing Water is really a fundamental step in any skin care regime (not only Korean), because, we will never remember enough, a thoroughly cleansed skin is the one that best benefits from all the products of the routine it receives. Before discovering the 5 simple tricks to maximize the effects of Cleansing Water, let’s immediately see what Cleansing Water actually consists of and understand what distinguishes it from two other products with which it is commonly associated (and often, unfortunately, confused): Micellar Water and Toner.

What is Cleansing Water?

The cleansing water is H2O purified with different infusion components, which give it highly cleansing properties. The great pro is that the Cleansing Water allows you to get a deep, healthy cleansing necessarily having foam on your skin, something that many find annoying.

What’s the difference between Cleansing Water and Micellar Water?

Despite being two Waters, Cleansing Water and Micellar Water are two very different products, starting with the ingredients. Micellar Water contains oily micelles that help clean the surface of the skin and make it great for removing makeup. Just to better understand, a micelle is a colloidal aggregate of molecules formed by a surfactant in solution and that exists in equilibrium with the molecules or ions that combine to form the micelle itself. Due to its oily composition, therefore, the consistency of Micellar Water is therefore similar to water.



What is tonic instead?

The tonic is a very important step in every routine: both morning and evening, because it removes the dead cells left on the skin by the exfoliation and gives the skin an extra hydration. The tonic is a lotion that cleanses the skin even deeper and collects what the Double Cleansing has failed to remove.

Clarified the terminology, let’s immerse ourselves in the 5 simple tricks to maximize the effects of ‘Cleansing Water

  • Layer Products in a Strategic Way.
    The first way to get the most out of your Cleansing Water is to know how to get it into your skin care routine. There are three different modes and as many moments in which you can use it:

As a make-up remover.

The cleansing waters are extremely gentle and effective in removing makeup. Questo  Power includes even the hardest core eyeliner and water-resistant mascara. You can use it as a first step in your Korean skin care routine, just before your cleanser based on oil. Just to reiterate theimportanza della Acqua Detergente:sapevi che questo semplice  trick is also the basis of Triple Cleansing, a variant of Double Cleansing that amplifies the ‘idea of cleaning the skin, to make it even more fantastic?   Esatto: in questo caso la Cleansing Water represents the first three steps and is more about Double Cleansing, and here you can get more information about Triple Cleansing.

As a toner.

Detergent and Micellar Waters are perfect products for working as tonics nella f after cleaning. In fact, the purists of Korean Cosmetics use them between lo t the steps of the detergent and the tonic. Alternativamente, le Cleansing Water possono quietly replace the moisturizing tonic and the sun screen.

Aa a do-it-yourself.

Recommended for those who love the world of DYI (Do It Youself). You can use Cleansing Water by itself, when you really are not in the mood to dedicate yourself to the cleaning step. In fact you have to keep in mind that the Cleansing Water can be used for reduce cleaning phase timing to the minimum, but does nothing to increase the potential really of your skin acre routine. You must keep with all the step of Korean Beauty if you really want to Glow.

  • 2. Give her time to act.

The Cleansing Water acts like a magnet and extracts makeup, excess oil and impurities from the skin of the face, giving it a breathtaking appearance. But be careful: this miracle happens only if the Beauty Water has time to act and the skin can absorb all its magical ingredients. Always press and hold the cotton swab on your skin for a few seconds. Also, focus on areas that require special attention, such as T zone. End by drying out all the dirt.

  • 3. Never Lesinate on Cotton Boots.

Cleansing Water has a great ally: cotton balls. You always have to have enough to soak them in Cleansing Water. And trust me, you might need more than a couple. The rule in this case is to clean the skin until there is no more trace of makeup or dirt.

  • 4. Read the label.

It sounds like a stupid trick, but what could be more valuable than common sense? This advice is not only valid for Cleansing Water, but in general for all products. When talking about Cleansing Water, however, pay attention to the list of ingredients on the packaging. Many Cleansing Waters combine plants and herbs such as Damask Rose Flower, Camellia Leaf, Peony Root and Rosemary Extract to soothe the skin, moisturize, fight bacteria, prevent blemishes and preserve the skin’s natural oils.

  • 5. Don’t settle for the face.

Don’t stop at the face. Extend the benefits of Cleansing Water to the neck or décolleté for an even complexion, soft skin with extra moisture. But that’s not all. Did you know that you can use cleaning water to remove scents that have lost or changed their fragrance? Also works with deodorant cones.

Product Story.

It’s time to find out which are the best Detergent Waters, as always, only on miloon.eu.

Real Fresh Cleansing Water Calendula.

It is perfect as a post-cleaning toner or as a unique cleaning step, similar to micellar water.

With real calendula petals floating in the water, its calming formula is perfect for those with easily irritated skin and prone to redness. In fact, thanks to extracts of calendula petal and natural detergents, this cleansing water sweeps away dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving it soft and clean.

Those with oily, mixed and acne-prone skin will be delighted by its balancing formula, which removes excess oil and sebum while keeping the skin moisturized. An absolute must try,

Neogen “Real Fresh Cleansing Water Rose” .

Neogen “Real Fresh Cleansing Water Rose” is a completely natural product. This excellent Cleansing Water contains rose, aloe and hibiscus. Leaves skin moisturized, shiny and refreshed. Formulated without artificial perfumes and dyes, it is the perfect solution for those with dry or sensitive skin.


Son & Park Beauty Water.

Son & Park Beauty Water is a smart product. In fact, this multitasking water cleanses the skin in depth and prepares it for the next steps. It also has a very gentle exfoliating function: organic ingredients such as willow bark and papaya extract remove dead skin cells and, while they really clean it, give it a more even skin tone.

From the Black No Wash Cleansing Water.

This last product is another mart solution, which combines Micellar Water and Cleansing Water, enhancing it by the complex of black seeds.

The result is extraordinary, because it effectively removes makeup and does not require rinsing. In addition, thanks to the content of baobab seeds, the product creates a protective moisturizing layer on the skin.




We are at the end of this column of tips dedicated to the 5 simple tricks to maximize the effects of ‘Cleansing Water. Let’s hope you treasure it. We will never repeat it enough: no skin can really shine without being thoroughly cleaned, and therefore no product can be said to be really tested without the skin being immaculate before applying it. That’s why it’s important to use a cleansing water, for its delicate approach to cleansing and the increased hydration it brings to the skin. We’ve presented our favorites. Now it’s your turn. We’ll be waiting for you on miloon.eu.